NZKC Registered Breeder of Beautiful Show Quality Dogs

DAIMYO employs best practice in all animal welfare and ethical considerations.

We have held Animal Care and Veterinary Nursing qualifications since 2003, and have been actively involved in purebred spitz dogs for fifteen years.

We have bred Multi In Class and In Show  Champion spitz dogs, producing New Zealand and Australian Champions.  We have imported frozen canine semen from Finland's leading show winning kennels and we have imported and exported quality dogs for the preservation of a rare gene-pool.

We import and export show quality bloodlines to assist in the preservation and improving of this amazing and rare dog breed.  Our kennel is small but our successes are big.

We prioitise:

Show grade dogs, that look great and have great bone structure and sound anatomy.

Healthy, long lived dogs, with bloodlines carrying no significant genetic issues.

Stable temperament - good natured, highly trainable and intelligent dog